Customer Service Representative

Posted 5 years ago

Momentum are currently recruiting for an experienced Customer Service representative to provide high quality and accurate answers to customer enquiries.

  1. Work in a generic team and provide help, support and advice to all customer enquiries on a range of our clients services.
  2. Gather information from the customer, understand the exact nature of the enquiry, utilise companies ICT systems to determine the suitable solution, and record those actions on the appropriate system.
  3. Treat all customers fairly and equally, in accordance with all relevant legislation and Council policy.
  4. Carryout a number of administration functions

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To deliver a consistently positive and courteous service to all customers.
  2. To take the customer’s enquiry, listening actively to ensure all details are accurately captured.
  3. To record the details of the enquiry to ensure the customer’s historical information is maintained.
  4. To provide the customer with accurate information to resolve the enquiry.
  5. To ensure the customer is aware of actions that will be undertaken and as fully aware of any actions that the customer will need to under take.
  6. To ensure the customer is provided with full details relating to their enquiry including, where appropriate, Service response times (Service Level Agreements).
  7. To provide support and assistance to the customer by signposting to the correct service area in the event that the customer’s enquiry is outside of the CSAT’s scope.
  8. To liaise with the relevant council service(s) to ensure the enquiry can be resolved and keep the customer advised, where appropriate, of any issues relating to their enquiry.
  9. To inform the Operational Management Team of any issue that may impact upon the operation of the centre or prevent the delivery of excellent customer service.
  10. To act at all times with the customer’s best interest the priority, helping and guiding the customer, even if the enquiry cannot be resolved at the first point of contact.
  11. To highlight any changes to procedures which may improve the way customers are dealt with or improve the standards and efficiency of the service being provided.
  12. To carry out administration tasks including scanning, payment reconciliations, data entry and data analysis

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